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" But that which is useful for the mankind remains behind on the Earth ".... I have been a careful collector of rugs and carpets for some 25 years. Some of my roots are in Schiedam, near Rotterdam, in The Netherlands. Choosing my rugs and carpets ( and making ends meet ) on the base definition of quality , curiosity, and composition ( and two other professions ) . Old, to me, is between 1960 and 1920. Everything older as a 100 years, to me, is antique. Regards, Egbert Vennema. For more information you can always contact me by mail. Some understanding of the trade ; no cheques accepted , Paypal accepted. For transfer, Western Union is ok to me. Use of BIC ( Bank Identifier Code. ) and IBAN (International Bank Account Number.) Transport with "Track and Trace " . ( ) .Any delivery only to the adress of the purchaser . ) Tile with two rabbits, two snakes and a tortoise. Illustration for Zakariya al-Qazwini's book, Marvels of Things Created and Miraculous Aspects of Things Existing (13th century). Earthenware, molded and underglaze-painted decoration. Iran, 19th century. Louvre museum, Paris.