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carpets and textiles Based in the UK i travel and exhibit internationally. You can always call me on UK 07836283388

  • Fragment from the top panel of a tunic depicting a hunting scene up the side and a row of owls (?) across ... read more
    price:  Ask

  • Coptic textile fragment ca 5-6 c. Size 25 x 10 cm Fresh from a collection formed in London in the 70/80 s
    price:  $250

  • Nice antique Chinese embroidery with green dog of Fo. 36 cm diameter framed and glazed good condition late 19 c i reckon.
    price:  Ask

  • Lovely Tekke chirpy that just came in. Very fine embroidery excellent condition and early block printed backing cloth suggest this has ... read more
    price:  Ask

  • Beautiful early Baluch ask for more details
    price:  Ask

  • Tiny lovely early Shahsavan chanteh with a memling gul Original back couple of crude repairs to kelim finishes otherwise good condition . ... read more
    price:  sold thanks

  • a lovely English 18 c chair back embroidered in silk and wool and some metal thread in grosse and petite pointe stitches. Fresh ... read more
    price:  £750 + shipping

  • Antique Ersari ensi ca 1880 size 1.7 x 1.46 cm Good condition with all natural dyes and glowing cherry red field and great
    price:  Ask

  • Antique Uzbek Napramash ca 1900 Very good condition great wool and colours just a few knots of “hot “ red
    price:  £250 + shipping

  • Superb Shahsavan sumac bagface first half 19c Great colours rare design no repairs ask for more details
    price:  Not cheap

  • Antique mid 19 c Turkish Ottoman Turban cover size 106 x 95 cm silk and metal thread embroidery nice antique custom stamp ... read more
    price:  $500

  • Beautiful Cretan skirt fragment early 18 c framed size textile 40 x 36 cm. available
    price:  Ask

  • Antique Baluch camel ground sofreh size 82 x 123 Great example
    price:  Ask

  • Antique camel ground sofreh 19 c size 70 x 160 cm Great example
    price:  Ask

  • Antique flatwoven salt bag made by the Kurds of Khorassan ca 1910 size 52 x 33 cm Original back excellent condition all wool ... read more
    price:  Ask

  • Lovely antique Indian Jain embroidered book cover with elephants Size 29 x 15 cm
    price:  £250 + shipping

  • Unusual antique embroidery probably Balkan. Complete piece has been cleaned and backed Size 50 x 32 cm
    price:  £250 + shipping

  • Art Deco silk rug possibly French ca 1920 s handmade 68 cm diameter Could use a clean
    price:  Ask

  • Antique Beshir torba ca 1880 size 108 x 38 cm All wool and natural dyes brown is undyed natural wool. Original selvedges and ... read more
    price:  Ask

  • Absolutely outstanding antique qibleh textile from the Balkan’s Utilising Serbian and Bulgarian costume fragments of very high quality Including the little ... read more
    price:  $1500

  • Early serab long rug with great natural dyes including purple Size 262 x 120 cm pre 1880 needs clean and ... read more
    price:  £250

  • Nice old Heriz carpet in excellent condition size 4.07 x 3.1 m Lovely colours with lots of green all seem natural. Pretty much ... read more
    price:  Good

  • Antique Turkish ottoman towel ca 1870 size 195 x 50 cm Finely embroidered floral sprigs in silk and metal thread Linen centre has ... read more
    price:  £150

  • Antique Epirus border fragment 18 c mounted
    price:  Not cheap

  • Antique 19 c Cretan barbers apron size 105 x 95 cm Lovely work, silk taffeta plain centre with burgundy and black ... read more
    price:  $500 + shipping

  • Very nice pair of Ottoman sash ends ca 1870 published in Roderick Taylor Ottoman textiles p 35 Size 62 x 20 cm each ... read more
    price:  $500 inc shipping

  • Rare antique chodor ensi all wool natural dyes size 164 x 105 mid 19 c
    price:  Ask

  • Very unusual antique Afshar bag face with wagireh like design Late 19 c all wool natural dyes original selvedges kelim finish at ... read more
    price:  Ask

  • Antique Turkish woman’s sash ca 1870 complete piece 170 x 24 cm illustrated in Ottoman embroidery by Roderick Taylor p 35 One side ... read more
    price:  $320 inc postage

  • Coptic roundel ca 7 th century good colour and condition Framed and glazed size is 9 x 7 cm frame 17 x ... read more
    price:  $150 + postage

  • Early Shirvan rug first half 19 c Amazing colours as one would expect Brindled camel hair and wool warps Clean restorable 97 ... read more
    price:  £600

  • Nice antique Baluch flatwoven bag with animals ca 1920 s Great drawing all wool original back excellent condition
    price:  £250 + shipping

  • Nice antique Baluch ca 1880 all wool and natural dyes original goat hair selvedges and kelim ends good condition Few spots of ... read more
    price:  Reasonable

  • Here is a striking minimalist Azeri (?) kelim. The excellent condition has confused some but i believe it to be antique early 20 ... read more
    price:  Ask

  • Antique Turkish yastik nice colours lots of cochineal ca 1870 Size 88 x 58 cm corroded browns no repairs original kelim finishes ... read more
    price:  Ask

  • Lovely antique Yomud chuval fragment dating from mid 19 c or before With very rare border great drawing wool and colour
    price:  Ask

  • Super antique Shahsavan sumac bag face mid 19 c Fine weave all wool and natural dyes seems to be silk wefted ask ... read more
    price:  Ask

  • Unusual antique Ersari trapping late 19 c excellent condition natural dyes
    price:  Ask

  • Very lovely tribal Afshar rug with strong abrash on a blue green corroded ground. All wool and natural dyes embroidered end finishes. ... read more
    price:  Ask

  • 18 c Ladik prayer rug on rare white ground. Needs a good clean ask for more details
    price:  Sold thanks

  • Tekke tile design torba ca 1880 size 92 x 34 cm mounted on wooden stretcher lots of undyed brown wool looks like ... read more
    price:  Very reasonable

  • Embroidered Kashmir shawl India 19 c Good condition tiny bit of border missing see detail
    price:  £500 + shipping

  • Lovely antique 19 c Tibetan Mat with tiger stripes Size 68 x 63 cm was originally longer has been shortened But stripes ... read more
    price:  $800 + shipping

  • Antique yomud Asmalyk ca 1880 fresh from a good private collection. All wool natural dyes excellent condition size is 115 x 70 cm
    price:  Ask

  • nice Veramin bagface with thick lustrous wool and great natural colours Ca 1880 just hand washed. Small old repair to bottom ... read more
    price:  Ask

  • Antique Ersari Beshir trapping late 19 c size 1.39 x .40 m Unusual border with kepse type anchors. All wool and natural dyes ... read more
    price:  Ask reasonable

  • Super antique Jaf bagface ca 1880 Great colours big size 122 x 80 cm Just washed near full pile all wool
    price:  Ask

  • Nice antique sumac bag ca1900 all wool and natural dyes size 24 x 22 inches (face) Very good condition original stripey kelim back ... read more
    price:  Ask