Nómada is located in San Sebastián in the North of Spain and specialises in nomadic carpets, kilims and textiles. We travel to and import directly from Iran, Turkey, India, and Nepal. We can also source Afghan and Central Asian pieces. Find out more at www.nomada.biz

  • The Yomut kilims are traditionally handwoven by the Yomut or Yomud, one of the major tribes of Turkmenistan and to a lesser ... read more
    price:  3500 Euros

  • Manastir pelt like prayer rug probably from Macedonia, not from Turkey, 19th or early 20th century. All good colours, woven with the ... read more
    price:  1350 Euros including postage.

  • Originally this kilim was a large Qashqai camel bag that has been opened out to make a kilim. It is woven with ... read more
    price:  450 Euros

  • a great Qashqai kilim woven with very finelly spun wool, creating thus a kilim of great appeal. The design is very well ... read more
    price:  2500 Euros

  • a type of kilim called “Shiraki” in Iran and woven by different ethnic arab groups from Southern Iran. Normally the shirakis are ... read more
    price:  1500 Euros

  • kilim from the beggining of the 20th century in mint condition, including the fringe area. All dyes are natural and for ... read more

  • a kilim woven in the Sistan region by Serkhat Beluch weavers. For the lenghtwise borders a different technique has been chosen adding ... read more
    price:  255 EUROS

  • a Qashqai tribe rug with a central medallion, a central field full of floral bouquets, even the borders are arranged with flowers. ... read more
    price:  750 Euros

  • Afghanistan Aimaq Belouch nomadic bag in excellent condition. 75x64cms. Beautiful colours and accomplished floating weft technique. Ideal as a big cushion or ... read more
    price:  225€ incl. postage

  • Afghan Belouch bag, 41x57cms (60x90cm approx. incluiding braiding). Attractive authentic nomadic bag in excellent condition, ideal for use a cushion or as ... read more
    price:  225€ incl. postage

  • Unbeatable price! a camel horse dress, probably Qashqai with an interesting combination of techniques (plaited and perhaps knitted areas), and with the ... read more
    price:  95 Euros

  • a kilim woven with soumak technique by an ethnic Kurdish woman. All dyes are natural. Bought in my last trip to Iran. ... read more
    price:  350 EUROS

  • Afghanistan Belouch piled "balisht" or bag front, 100x58cm, early 20th c., soft shiny wool with wonderful vibrant natural colours including amazing yellow, ... read more
    price:  450€ including postage

  • Pair of piled Luri saddle bag or "khorjin" faces, in very good condition, natural colours: green, light and dark indigo blue, yellow, ... read more
    price:  250€ including shipping for both pieces

  • Afghanistan Timuri Belouch "balisht" bag face, full finely woven pile, soft natural dyes (green, brown, white, peach, terracotta, burgandy), intact kilim ends, ... read more
    price:  325€ incl. postage

  • Small Arabic piled bagface (womans chanteh), size 28x28cms, ideal present to yourself that wont break the bank, all natural colours except half ... read more
    price:  125€ including shipping

  • Collection piece, antique Qashqai rug, 250x157cms, soft natural colours, wonderful intricate design and excellent original condition with full even pile, sourced on ... read more
    price:  4500€ incl. postage

  • This kilim originally is part of a mafrash, or suitcase to store bedding items. The Shahsevan located primarily in North West Iran ... read more
    price:  525

  • Restoration project! Attractive Kordi rug from 2nd half 19th c. Great design and colours, missing knots and missing side binding, one area ... read more
    price:  575€ including postage

  • Qashqai womans shoulder bag or chanteh, floating weft tecnique, nice colours, original excellent condition with original tassles and side-binding, 30x30cm
    price:  125€ including shipping

  • Small Qashqai nomad womans shoulder bag or chanteh, 22x20cm, balanced plainweave with embroidered and tufted details, excellent original condition, braided woollen strap ... read more
    price:  95€ including postage

  • Tuareg leather womans travel bag ("aghrig"), with hand worked and dyed leather, probably goat skin. Intricate leather work with check pattern cut ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Qashqai nomads, maybe Darreshuri, warp faced chanteh or womans small shoulder bag, mid 20th c. small size 22x20cms, original side binding, blue, ... read more
    price:  95€ including postage

  • Tuareg leather womans travel bag ("aghrig"), with hand worked and dyed leather, probably goat skin. Intricate leather work with check pattern cut ... read more
    price:  SOLD THANKS

  • a rare prayer Shia rug from Southern Iran, possibly woven by tribes of Arab origen. Traditionally, Shias didn´t design specific rugs ... read more
    price:  350 EUROS

  • Palas are a type of kilim woven to be used as a surface to do domestic activities within the nomadic comunity (dry ... read more
    price:  350 EUROS

  • a kilim from the Obruk region, very finelly woven combining plain weave with cicim technique. The desing is composed of a well ... read more
    price:  2500 Euros

  • a beautiful Qashqai kilim that originally was a large bag. All the dyes are natural, including a beautiful green and mustard yellow. ... read more
    price:  350 EUROS

  • a pretty chantah or bag woven by Qashqai nomads from Southern Iran (could also be Luri?), purchased in our last trip to ... read more
    price:  175 Euros

  • a superb soumak technique Afshar spindle bag, with a tree of life motive in the front and a diagonal striped motive at ... read more
    price:  225 EUROS

  • a camel horse dress, probably Qashqai with an interesting combination of techniques (plaited and perhaps knitted areas), and with the original iron ... read more
    price:  95 Euros

  • a Bakhtiari spindle bag. In many cases spindle bags are woven in one piece and folded over widthwise , as is the ... read more
    price:  150 EUROS

  • Small Qashqai mid century chanteh with soumak and floating weft embroidery onto warp faced cotton and wool ground, authentic used nomadic piece ... read more
    price:  95€ including postage

  • Alpujarran rugs were domestic items generally woven for personal use, a tradition that remained in Southern Spain (the muslims stayed for 800 ... read more
    price:  1750 Euros

  • a Neyriz region saddle cover from South West Iran. Very well preserved, with four tiny repairs (see pictures), maybe caused by the ... read more
    price:  500 Euros.

  • Kyrgiz or Uzbek, perhaps from Afghanistan, felt camel head-dress with applique stitching and horse-hair tassles, a rare tribal piece in excellent condition. ... read more
    price:  400 EUROS

  • Cute small little bag woven by Bakhtiri nomads from Iran. It combines kilim and knotted areas. Both sides of the bag are ... read more
    price:  100 Euros

  • a nice band with finelly woven wool in good condition expept for some very small holes near the edge. All natural dyes. ... read more
    price:  300 Euros

  • Horse band from Qashqai nomads from s.w. Iran in original condition. All natural dyes. Sourced during our travells in Iran. (at974), 93x4cms ... read more
    price:  155 Euros

  • An unusual saddlebag woven with the moj or jajim technique by a Qashqai weaver. Very finelly spun wool and cotton. Natural dyes ... read more
    price:  225 EUROS

  • a very freely designed saddlebag woven by Arabic tribes from South West Iran, with a mixture of flower, plants and botehs that ... read more
    price:  290 Euros

  • Fine woven Qashqai Darreshuri saddlebags with the warp-float patterning technique. Naturaldyes. In good condition including the closing loops and the side cords. ... read more
    price:  450 EUROS

  • Big Suleimani Turkman Afghan rug from the end of 19th Century or beggining of 20th Century. This rug has a very balanced ... read more
    price:  9500 Euros

  • a moj with a very unusuall finish with complementary-weft weave border, quite common in Qashqai kilims but very rare in a moj ... read more
    price:  1250 EUROS

  • This moj (as the jajims are called in the South West of Iran), is finelly woven and all the dyes are natural. ... read more
    price:  925 EUROS

  • An extremelly fine Yomut bag in overall good condition with some small repairs on the sides and a bigger repair at the ... read more
    price:  450 EUROS

  • a dramatic Aqcha Turkman bag with a huge central gül with a few nice yellow touches. Thick, and with soft and shinny ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • This type of long and narrow kilim was doubled lenghwise, stuffed with straw and tied round the neck of the mule. Sometimes ... read more
    price:  175 EUROS