South Persian Tribal

Antique Shiraz Bag Face With All Naturel Colors Size:pile to pile 46x84
price:  Por
Shiraz gabbeh size 240x135cm
price:  Por
Fantastic 19th century Qashqa'i-Shekarlu rug 2.21m x 1.71m (7' 3" x 5' 7") in full pile with lustrous all vegetable-dye wool. a ... read more
price:  On Request
sw persian about 3'9" x 5'1". Nice graphics having double medallion design with loads of animals and birds. Evenly low ... read more
#1b193 Handmade antique Persian Khamseh rug 6' x 9' ( 183cm x 275cm) 1880.c
price:  $3500
a magnificent 19th century Baharlu rug of the Khamseh Confederacy - all vegetable dyes and in good overall condition. 1.91m x 1.42m ... read more
price:  Please Enquire
#1b189 Handmade antique collectible Persian Khamseh rug 6.4' x 9.9' ( 195cm x 301cm) 1870.c
price:  $6900
Gabbeh size 250x150cm
price:  Por
Colorful end of 19th century As found condition Khamseh Confederacy rug. beautiful colors and tribal drawn...https:// link wear and one corner worn as shown ... read more
Antique Chanteh Bagface Size 1'1''x1'2''. Very good condition and quite fine weaving. Small attractive piece for collectors.
Antique Tribal Khamseh Rug from Southern Persia, ca 1900. 5'3" x 9'4" - 160x191 cm. Very good condition, even ... read more
Qashqai pack animal band, 5x720 cm, 7x182cm
price:  50 Euro+shipping
Khamseh Bag Face, s. Persia, 19th c. Good condition, please inquire for further details/images
Persian Khamseh Rug circa 1870's size 130x194
price:  on Request
Southwest Persia- Qashkai tribal double side sack. Very tightly woven with saturated natural dyes. Goat hair flat weave side addition with pile ... read more
price:  O.R.
Nice, old very decorative Qashqaee kilim 320x145CM P.O.R
Lori woolen gabbeh,Size:190 x 130 cm
price:  Please ask
Qashqai bagface with silky wool and beautiful floppy handle. Good condition. c. 1870-80.
Lovely 19th Century Qashqai Kilim Size 160 x 206 cm*
price:  On Request
Qhasgai kilim size 250x150cm
price:  Por
Antique Lori bag face, 63x63cm
Antique Qamse Rug size.175x150cm
price:  por
Shiraz saddle bag size 50x63cm 51x62cm
price:  Por
sw Persia double interlock kilim,Size:224x160 cm,after a hand wash a small hole in the field only were repaired.
price:  Please ask
Wonderfull Qashqaii Bagface
price:  por
Lovely antique Qashqai rug. Super weave and wool quality. Good condition. Possibly a dowry rug with a couple woven into the centre ... read more
price:  P O R
a charming Persian Shiraz bag face. 29 in (73.5 cm) x 32.5 in (82.5 cm) Excellent condition, all natural dyes, rich color, ... read more
price:  P.O.R
Qashgai horse saddle cover
price:  Por
Antique Sofreh (bread or dining cloth) woven by Qashqai tribes of Southwest Persia, size: ca. 135x115cm / 4'4''ft x 3'8''ft , age: ... read more
Luri Bagface Size: 63x49cm Made in period 1910
price:  €75
Qashqai mixed technique flatwoven chanteh, excellent condition 1'0"x 1'0" (not including back) Inv#17792
price:  $1850
John Wertime declared the twin of this bagface as 'The best of type' and the only tangible difference between them is that ... read more
price:  Sold, thank you!
Qashqa'i Kilim in excellent condition - 2.90m x 1.52m (9' 6" x 5' 0").
price:  On Request
Stunning Qashqa'i Kilim in very good overall condition - 2.82 x 1.40m (9' 3" x 4' 7").
price:  On Request
# 1086 Rare Luri (Khamseh?) chanteh khorjin, 27/105 cm (opened), Southwest Persia, late 19th century, complete with closure loops, best natural dyes, ... read more
price:  Special summer offer: € 990.- + shipping!
Qashqai khorjin bag face. Cm 38x44. Late 19th/early 20th c. Sweet, natural dyed, inexpensive. Buy it with the Anatolian heybe bridge.
price:  inexpensive
Rough South Persian tribal, wool on wool. start of the 20th. Century. ca. 160 x 330 cm. for transport 45,oo Euro s added. Listening; ... read more
price:  345,oo Euro s.
Antique South-Persia bagface. Size: 28 x 40 cm. Good condition. Interesting item.
price:  Please ask
Persian Qashqai Kashkuli Rug circa 1920s size 137 x 250 cm It's in perfect condition and untouched original one.
price:  On Request
Shiraz, rare and special piece, horse rib cage cover,
price:  Por
Unusual Qashqai Kilim, Size: 236 x 158cm. link
price:  Please contact for further details.
Rare Persian nomadic piece. probably southwest 32"x16"
price:  POR
Very cute 19th century Khamseh weaving. 48cm x 46cm Beautiful colours and great wool. Is it a bagface or a wagireh? Available.
price:  please ask
Highly collectable Qashqai, 1860 - 1880. 200 x 120 cm. Beautifully worn, in places worn through, refined knotted, all natural colors te ... read more
price:  $ 750,00 plus shipping
Luri Qashqai khorjin all good colors and in very good condition,size 130x55cm
Old Qashqaii Qamse Bagface Rug
price:  por
compelete dated(1330) khamseh saddlebag in perfect condition,Size:130 x 60 cm
price:  Please ask
Qashqai Horse Cover, Late 19th Century, Good colors and chickens, Maximum length and width 163 cm x 52 cm.
price:  POR
qashqai chanteh in fine condition,Size:26 x 27 cm
price:  Please ask
South Persian rug 82 x 135 cm /2'8'' x 4'5''
price:  On Request
Qashqai khorjin complete. fine weaved kilim and sumakh; soft colors, crisp design. some little spots without pile.
price:  P.O.R
Antique Lori Tentband in very good condition 365x7cm
price:  £280
south Persia Gashgai Kilim 278 x 154 cm
price:  por
Khamseh Runner - 116" x 40" Excellent condition. Very good pile. No stains, fading, damage or repairs. Original sides and ends all ... read more
price:  $650
Qhasgai bag all are colors natural dyes size 41x31cm
price:  Por
Fine Qashqai bagface in very good condition. c. 1870 or older. Super floppy handle.
Qhasgai bag size 20x19cm
price:  Por
a pair of qashqa'i Khordjin antique. Wool on wool in very-very good condition. No stains, repils, restors, but all original the two pieces. Bejinning of ... read more
price:  ASK
An early Khamseh bagface, with its twin, in slightly worse condition. Wool and dyes are top-notch!
price:  sold, thank you
sw Persia kilim in a good condition,a tiny repaired had done by the nomads originaly and i kept it,Size:232 x 148 cm
price:  Please ask
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