This circa 1890 Caucasian Kazakh #7320 carpet measures 4’4” x 7’6” (134 x 231 cm). It is multicolored on an abrashed brown ... read more
Shirvan bag face 43x43cm
price:  Por
Caucasian sumack bag face. Could be Shirwan. Cm 46x48. Probably mid 19th c. Damaged, worn out, but beautiful, rare, with great pattern ... read more
price:  Please inquire
kazak, Karabach, Lampa, 290 x 117 Cm. Dated - 1308 = 1891. Beautiful cochenille red. Great high pile - 1 cm. ... read more
price:  € 1850,00 plus shipping
Antique Dated Caucasian 4'4''x4'10''. Very good condition. Dated. Has some minimal professional repair.
price:  P.O.R.
Antique Caucasian Dagestan or Shirvan rug, circa 1890-1910. Eye-catching yellow field with overall lattice design. All natural colors including reds, dark blue, ... read more
price:  On Request
Sweet little Bordjalou. At this size and design it is usually more common to see prayer rugs. Some nice variation in the ... read more
price:  Please ask
Late 19th early 20 th Caucasian with lots of Karachov features. Super thick lustrous wool. Some great colours and abrash. Love the ... read more
price:  Please ask
caucaso sirwan akstafa antique cm 3.10 x 1,10 1870/80 circa natural colors beautiful oberjin
price:  please ask
Semi antique Caucasian Shirvan kilim, ~80-100 years old. Wool on wool. Size 150x290cm, 4'11" x 9'6". It has some wear, as seen ... read more
price:  SOLD
antique caucasian rug. Size: 132 x 199 cm. Good pile. Ends used condition.
price:  sold - thank you
Soumak kelim Caucasian old with dragon design, over size 616 x 530 (cm) 20' 2" x 17' 5" carpet ... read more
price:  On request
An authentic Caucasian village prayer rug with lovely color and very good age. This one's got some zest!! Please ask for more ... read more
price:  por
Antique Caucasian Kilim Fragment. 2nd Half 19th Century. Soft dungaree handle. Early addition to top and bottom. 5 colors. Strong green. 3’10” ... read more
price:  250
Antique Caucasian Kuba Seychour long rug, circa 1890-1910. 5'2" by 10'5". Some old reweaves in the center. Very reasonably ... read more
price:  Sold Thank You
Bugs and roses. Antique Caucasian Kuba rug with unusual design. Circa 1890-1900. Please ask for additional photos if needed. ... read more
price:  Sold Thank You
Antique Caucasian Sumakh with rare Konagkend design, sold at Nagel auction in 1984. Now available once again. Size: ca. 150x130cm / 5ft ... read more
Caucasian size: 65x24-cm please ask
price:  Ask
200 x 113 cm is the size of this antique caucasus piece. In perfect condition - like a new piece - Made in ... read more
price:  on request !
a Phenomenal Antique Caucasian Pinwheel Kazak Rug, ca late 19th Century, 5'6" x 7'1" (167x217 cm), Very good condition, approx 99% Original, ... read more
price:  please inquire
Antique Caucasian Kazak. Men are often said to only think with their "ding aling" but this guy truly has a good excuse. ... read more
price:  price on request
Rare Example ! An Unusual Caucasian Rug Circa 1830s or little more early Size 110 x 200 cm It has nice deep
price:  On Request
a Kuba rug with very vibrant natural colours and a nice design. The formality of the border and the mihrab contrasts with ... read more
price:  1500 EUROS
Antique Hand-Woven Caucasian Talish Azeri Runner Rug Antique Caucasian Talish Azeri runner carpet. The Talish carpet received its name from large region stretched ... read more
price:  4500.00
Caucasian Shirwan Kuba xix th Century cm101x282cm perfect conditions
price:  ask please
Caucasian Shirwan ci-ci 1900 circa cm 125x190 cm good conditions
price:  Ask please
Handmade antique Caucasian Karabagh rug 4.2' x 8.3' (128cm x 253cm) 1880s - 1b523
price:  $3100
An atractive Karaja rug from North West Iran that combines undyed and dyed areas. Full pile and in good condition. 183x94 cms ... read more
price:  1500 EUROS
Caucasian Sumach size 330x112cm
price:  Sold
Caucasian Shirwan Zeiqur xix th.Century cm118x270cm rare good conditions
price:  Ask please
Caucasian Shirwan Kuba xix th Century good conditions cm100x135cm
price:  Ask please
Antique Rare Gendje Small Rug. Circa Early. Two rows of elongated Gendje border ornaments on white ground field framed by blue trefoil ... read more
price:  POR
Handmade antique Caucasian Gendje rug 3.2' x 8' ( 97cm x 244cm ) 1880 - 1b522
price:  $3600
Caucasian Tachte xix th Century perfect conditions
price:  Ask please
Kazak Adler xix th (1880-1890 ) Century cm150x200 cm perfect conditions
price:  Ask please
Caucasian Kuba runner xix th Century perfect conditions
price:  Ask please
Hand made antique Caucasian Kazak Mohan rug 3.8' x 8.2' ( 116cm x 250cm ) 1880 - 1b521
price:  $3100
Caucasian shirvan cuval size 100x83cm
price:  Por
Caucasian Kilim, Late 19th Century. Large hooked medallions. Colors are all natural dyes and contains some soft muted colors. Great ... read more
price:  POR
Caucaus tribal Salt bag - Wool and tiny couple area woven in cotton. Great condition. size: 21" x 13.5" - 53 cm ... read more
price:  O.R.
Horse cover Vernneh kilim Caucasian, circa 1900 antique, collector's item, Size: 152 x 110 (cm) 5' x 3' 7" carpet ... read more
price:  On request
Handmade antique Caucasian Gendje rug 3.5' x 7.3' (106cm x 222cm) 1880s - 1b519
price:  $3600
Big Antique Caucasian Kazak rug - 5'6 x 8'6 - 168 x 260 cm.
price:  on request
Colorful antique Caucasian Shahsavan long rug, age: 19th century, all natural colors, size: ca. 297x98cm / 9'8''ft x 3'2''ft , sides and ... read more
Antique Caucasian Kilim, size: 5' x 9'9" feet, super tightly woven, excellent original condition.
price:  Please ask
Handmade antique Caucasian Gendje rug 1.9' x 3.3' (58cm x 100cm) 1880s - 1b518
price:  $850
Antique Caucasian Karabagh region runner with all over colourful large boteh design. link Size: 9ft 6in x 3ft 8in (290 x 111cm). ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details
Antique Caucasian Seichur or Alpan-Kuba runner. link Size: 10ft 0in x 3ft 2in (300 x 97cm). 4th quarter 19th century. A superb runner ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details
Antique Caucasian Talish long rug with all over star design. link Size: 8ft 6in x 3ft 6in (260 x 107cm). 2nd half ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details
East Caucasian carpet, probably Derbent / Daghestan with kind of Alphan Kuba influenced design,19th c. 268 x 152 cm
Antique Caucasian Karabagh horse cover. Very good condition. Width 3'7" (110cm) Total length 5'7" (170cm) Strap length 1'8" (50cm) x width 10" (25cm)
price:  $500
Antique Caucasian Shirvan Kilim, size ~140x320cm. All natural colors, wool on wool.
price:  SOLD
Handmade antique Caucasian Talish rug 4.3' x 8.9' ( 131cm x 271cm ) 1880s - 1b514
price:  $5900
Full, thick piled, all woolen interbellum Caucasian, ca; 245 cm x 140 cm. cleaned. In very good overall condition. Price including worldwide ... read more
price:  695,oo Euro
Antique Caucasian Gence Carpet size: 182x130 cm.
price:  Ask Please
Antique South Caucasian Shirvan kilim of outstanding colour and design. link Size: 9ft 4in x 5ft 9in (285 x 175cm). Circa 1880. a ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details
Caucasian Kilim, 3rd to 4th quarter of the 19th Century. Stunning eye dazzling serrated diamond pattern. The colors are all good, ... read more
price:  POR
Sevan kazak Caucasian circa 1885 antique. Collector's item, Size: 245 x 164 (cm) 8' x 5' 5" carpet id: K-3188 High ... read more
price:  On request
Size - 4 x 5'3 Origin - Caucasian, Prepadil Circa - 1920 Rug # 29714
price:  $2500
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