Shirvan Rug circa 1870 size 111x156 cm
price:  On Request
Caucasian Kazak, circa 1900, 4-4 x 8-8 (1.32 x 2.64), browns oxidized, rug was washed, original ends and edges, one end original ... read more
price:  $750.00
Antıque Caucasıan Fahrola Kazak size: 115x105 cm.
price:  Ask Please
caucasian five year plan 5 x7. link or text 630-373-5190 30 day guarantee, free shipping, if not satissfied full refund less actual shipping costs.
price:  POR
caucasian 5x10. late 1800s. fine tribal wool. link or text 630-373-5190 30 day guarantee, free shipping, if not satissfied full refund less actual shipping
price:  POR century Caucasian Mafrash sıze 100x131
price:  POR
Gendja Caucasian, knotted circa in 1870 antique, collector's item. 224 x 116 (cm) 7' 4" x 3' 10" carpet id: V-178 High ... read more
price:  On request
Antique Caucasian Avar Small Rug. Rare piece with bird shield medallion center field design. Late 19th Century. Pinwheel main border. Showing rug ... read more
price:  POR
Size: 5ft 6in x 4ft 4in (168 x 131cm). link Antique South East Caucasian Shirvan rug with 'gymyl' design, often known as ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details
Size: 9ft 2in x 5ft 2in (280 x 157cm). link Antique Caucasian Shirvan rug with Akstafa star design, from the Kuba region ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details
Antique Caucasian Susa Karabag Rug
price:  por
Shirvan Marsali Prayer rug. Pretty with wear and other stress factors. Partial break in center, and missing some pile mostly in lower ... read more
price:  Ask
Caucasian Talish antique cm 2.65x1.10 19th century, very good condition, natural colour , very rare red Talish rug. Please more ... read more
price:  please ask
Kuba Shirwan* 286 x 145 cm (9' 5" x 4' 9") Caucasus, ca. 1900 Condition: very good, minor signs of wear, slightly stained Warp: wool, weft: ... read more
price:  800 Euro
Armenian Persian Garden Carpet, 4th Quarter of 19th Century. Wonderful soft wool. Great colors and a classical design. It has ... read more
price:  POR
Wonderfull Caucasian Talısh Rug
price:  por
160x100 cm Tappeto antico Meshkin rug in very good condition. Maybe an antique Baksheyesh Azeri. Washed and ready for domestic use. More info and ... read more
price:  on request !
Small caucasian prayer rug Good condition
Turn of the century Kuba Zeicher rug 180x110cm Request more photos
price:  inquire
antique yastik with full glowing pile
price:  ASK
213 x 133 cm Borchalou in very good condition Fine knot and beautiful dyes for this Full pile for this one. More info and ... read more
price:  SOLD/venduto=
Antique Caucasian Talısh Rug Fragment
price:  por
Wonderfull Kuba Sirvan Rug
price:  Por
eagle kazak in good condition and large 5 x 9 ft size .....and compete original sides!
price:  ASK
Shirvan c.1880 178x135cm Exceptionally well preserved
price:  1000 euro
Interesting TransCaucasus carpet with Armenian inscription
price:  SOLD, thank you
Shahsavan Kilim, 3rd to 4th Quarter of the 19th century. Outstanding colors, rich and saturated. Simple meander design in the ... read more
price:  POR
Shirwan Teppich 294 x 143 cm um1880 in einem sehr guten Zustand.
price:  1000 Euro
Shirvan Rug circa 1880 size 102x142 cm
price:  On Request
An Antique Decorative Kuba. 4'1''x5'6''. Excellent original condition.
price:  $3500
Description and origin: attractive Caucasian carpet with repetitive geometric designs. Interesting main border and rich combination of colours. Age: around 1950. Dimensions: 246 cm ... read more
price:  725 EUR + shipping costs
Description and origin: Caucasian carpet with an original geometric border and a main field composed or repetitive floral design. Age: anterior to 1950. Dimensions: ... read more
price:  525 EUR + shipping costs century Shirvan Rug sıze 125 x 165
price:  POR
End of the 19th century Caucasian rug from the village of Gymyl in Kuba district Dimensions: approx.2.71 x 1.44 meters- foot approx.8.11 ... read more
price:  inquire
Antique Marasali Sirvan Rug
price:  por
Antique Kazak. Stains in the field. 208 x105 cm
price:  P.O.R century Caucasian Rug sıze 122x182
price:  POR century Karabag Rug sıze 123x310
price:  POR
Full pile Caucasian Genje rug fragment. Circa 1870. Mounted professionally on linen. Stunning color!
Antique Akstava Caucasian Rug Runner #7955 This circa 1890 Akstava measures 3’6” x 8’4” (109 x 256 cm). It has five Memling ... read more
price:  $2800
Persian Esfahani embroidered cover, probably Armenian work from late 19th century. The net layer protects the embroidery. Size is 61x85cm. In very good condition.
Caucasian Kilim 19th Century Size:427x156cm / 14”x5’1”
price:  On Request
Size: 5ft 11in x 5ft 2in (180 x 158cm). link Antique Caucasian soumak carpet of three medallion design of scarce small size ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details
Wonderfull Caucasian Perepedil Sirvan Rug
price:  por
Antique Caucasian Genje Bagface Size.50x42Cm
price:  Por
Antique Hand-Woven Caucasian Lesghi Azeri Rug Antique Caucasian Azeri rug, hand-woven, all wool with Lesghi-styled pointed star medallions in navy blue and red ... read more
price:  1500.00
Antique Hand-Woven Caucasian Talish Azeri Runner Rug Antique Caucasian Talish Azeri runner carpet. The Talish carpet received its name from large region stretched ... read more
price:  4500.00
Antique Seychour Caucasian Rug Caucasus ca.1875-1890 10'8" x 2'11" (326 x 89 cm) FJ Hakimian Reference #11226
price:  Price upon request
Shield Kazakh. Circa 1870. Size 3'x4'. $3200.00
price:  $3200.00
Antique Caucasian Karabakh Rug Circa 1880.90 Size.230x148 Cm
price:  Por
Caucassian kuba aria rug wonderful colors and excellent condition all original size 1,44x1,04 cm Circa 1900
price:  On Request
Mid 19th Century Caucasian Shirvan Kuba Rug Size.260x92 Cm
price:  Por
Dragon Sumagh East Caucasus Around 1900 Wool on Wool Age and Wear Size: 300 x 225 cm
price:  SOLD THX
Antique Chila Shirvan with a sky blue field. Sides and ends need some attention. 3'5''x4'2''
price:  $850
"Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths." Joseph Campbell. Avar piled rug, Northeast Caucasus, 19th century. As small, as powerful it ... read more
price:  on request
Runner south east Caucasus, 270 x 100 missing the borders and fringe, god pile have some repiling, early 19e century. Price upon request
Antique Kuba Gymyl village rug with two concentric medallions, c 1910, 170x407cm (Sold)
price:  Sold
Antique Kazak Lori Pambak Pile is low with ancient repiling areas. Size is : 237 x 163 cm
price:  SOLD
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