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Antique Turkmen Ersari Chuval
price:  Por
Jef Kurd bag face in very good condition 1890 , size 2x3 (60cm x 90cm )
price:  POR
Antique Baluch Bagface Size.63x78cm
price:  Por
mint condition tekke chuval
price:  $600
kurdish Jaf bagface 1890,all good colors and in very good condition 100% in wool,size60x50cm
Late 19th century Baluch bag. Complete piece with wonderful thick pile. 1'9'' x 2'11'' or 53 x 89cm. Cheers
price:  $320 domestic shipping included
yomud yomut asmalyk -with a curved top.... full pile and a border c0mbination that is very well done -eagle group ? ... read more
price:  ASK
Antique Baluch balisht (pillow face) with camel hair field. 1'6" x 2'8" or 46 x 82cm. Love the goats woven on either ... read more
price:  SOLD, thanks!
a bridal trapping which was called asmalyk by the former owners. Made up from small pieces of quite old textiles. Some are ... read more
Rare and beautiful Caucasian (Shahsavan?) mafrash side panel, approx 90 x 60 cm, and in excellent condition. The design of repeated palmettes is ... read more
price:  $700 + shipping
jaf bagface 1880 circa,all good and in good condition size 85x55cm
Antique Turkmen Yamut Chuval
price:  Por
moroccan high atlas horse cover which has very unusual designs and colours. It is from the Ait Tamassin Berbers in the northern ... read more
price:  euros 580
Turkoman Juval, Wool, 20th Century, 31" x 49". Excellent Condition has a little mild bleeding..
price:  $375 + Shipping
Rare Shahsevan bag face size 32x27cm
price:  Por
Turkoman Bag 55x53 cm
price:  sold
Afshar bagface 63x70 cm
price:  100 Euro+shipping
Yomud Asmalyk 0.68x1.07 cm2
price:  price on request
Salor Chuval-face, Central Asia, c. 1800 or earlier (Lot 76, Estimate: $10,000-12,000), one of several highlights coming up at Skinner's Fine Oriental ... read more
price:  Skinner, Inc. May 2, 2021. Banner and online catalog coming soon!
Shasavan Bag-- 1.9 x 1.11. Classic interlocking bird design. CONDITION: Very good. Please see all photos. us Shipping: $20 please call the ... read more
price:  $320
Large Kurd Bag Face-- 29 x 27. Interesting composition with small botehs in the center. Plush Kurdish wool and lovely soft colors. CONDITION: ... read more
price:  $325
Antique Kurd Bag Face-- 22 x 22. Ancient heraldic motif on white field. CONDITION: Small imperfections. Please see all photos. us Shipping: ... read more
price:  $275
Old Baluch bag. Soft and fluffy wool with great natural dyes. 1'3" x 1'6" or 38 x 46cm. Very floppy handle with ... read more
price:  $150, domestic shipping included
Pair qashqai bag faces, all color natural dyes 52 x 50 cm each faces
price:  P.o.r
Antique Baluch bag, maybe a chanteh. Sweet little piece that's complete with really soft wool. 15.5" x 16" or 40x41cm. Chers.
price:  $200, sale pending, message if interested
Turkmen Igsalik- It is in original condition. all good colors Size : 19" x 9" -- 48 cm x 23 cm
price:  OR
Turkmen Ersary Long Torba. All good colors.. Size: 70" x 18" -- 178 cm x 46 cm
price:  OR
Not only that it is rare to find a piled mafrash panel, but in a well known design, which as a soumac ... read more
19th Century Ersari torba from the Amu Darya region. 1'3" x 4'3" or 38 x 130cm. This has the dyrnak gul which ... read more
price:  Sale pending, if interested please ask
Antıque Sahsavan Bagface size: 56x51 cm.
price:  Ask Please
Jaf bagface 1880 all good colors and in perfect condition•••size72x68cm
Gorgeous 19th century Baluch balisht. Complete piece with front, back, and goat hair loops. These small bags are a true work of ... read more
price:  $360 domestic shipping included
Anatolian open chuval. End 19th century.115x140 cm. Natural colours. Kilim &soumak technic. Contact me for more details. Best regards.
price:  Friendly
Complete small Afshar double chanteh bag set, great condition with glowing natural color. 1'1"x2'2"
Shahsevan small khorjin 1870 circa in very good condition•••size 62x19cm
enormous fine jaff face-- 37 x 51-- Most sumptuous Kurd bag face. Exceptional quality wool w/ beautiful saturated natural dyes. Exceptional ... read more
price:  $870
Unique Milfleur Mehriban Pushti-- 24 x 31-- Very Unique. Probably inspired from Kurd/Bidjar using this motif circa 1920s. Kind of ... read more
price:  $315
Large Bag Face-- 26 x 26. Plush old piece with great color and a menagerie of crazy animals. Crocodiles? Condition: Colorful barber pole sides ... read more
price:  395
Turkmen Middle Amu Darya region torba or trapping with an ikat derived field and stylized floral border. 4'0"x1'7"
price:  $750 plus shipping
Awesome small Kurdish SaujBulagh bagface with bold design. c. 1850.
Antique Baluch Mina Khani bagface, age: 19th century. Beautiful blue color. Very nice collector´s item, size: 72x66cm / 2'3''ft x 2'1''ft, small ... read more
Antique Yomut chuval,80x118 cm
price:  por
Beautiful Khamseh khorjin/saddle bag. Southern Iran. Cm 75x132 and 75x260 when open. The bag has been opened on both sides in order ... read more
price:  Please inquire
Early Torba, 132 x 48. Price upon request
Shahsevan sumak bagface with animals
Luri Bakhtiyari saltbag 1880 circa in perfect condition size•••40x43
Late 19th century Afshar bag. Unique design with some Kurdish influence. 2'2" x 2'9". Wonderful dyes and soft shiny wool. Great pile ... read more
price:  $350, obo, domestic shipping included
19th. Century Persian Sarouk bag sıze: 40 x 40
price:  POR
Khamse bag c.1860 sıze: 38 x 60
price:  POR
Tekke Cuval c. 1850 sıze: 72 x 119
price:  POR
Baluch bagface with hexagonal tile design, 2'9"x2'10"
Afshar bag all good colors and very good condition-size 52x50cm
Baluch minakhani bagface with a band of animals woven in one end in weft-float technique, 2'7"x2'11"
Qashqai or Luri southwest tribal bagface with boteh design, 1'10"x1'5"
Stars & Stripes. Shahsavan beautiful sumack bag face. Cm 46x46 ca. Early 20th century if not before. Great pattern with stars in ... read more
price:  Please inquire
Ersari torba with unusual design. Size is 116 x 60 cm (fringes counted). Condition is good. Velcro sewn on the backside and ... read more
price:  €180
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