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Mid 19th c. Pasemah, Sumatra,Indonesia. Cotton, embroidered. 150x53cm link
Ref 1550 Swedish needlework carriage seat cushion cover. dated 1823. 3'6 x 1'10 - 108 x 55. link
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Antique Türkmen Belüç Carpet Size 210-110
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Indian Trade textiles 020, Basta, Block prints, For the Indonesian market, plays important role as a ceremonial cloth, early 19th century, good ... read more
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Caucasian / Karabaugh long rug.....approx. 3.8 x worn area; break that needs stitching.....checks drawn on u.s. banks preferred.....please check my other
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Bichyat velvet kala batu work from the royals of Lucknow Uttar Pradesh india used in their court .the bichyat is rare ... read more
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Sahsavan Sumak Bags Faces size.40x53cm
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Antique Baluch Prayer Rug with tree of life design. Camel hair field, with good quality weft-float end finish and some selvage remaining. ... read more
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#7177 Melas This circa 1825 Melas measures 3’8” x 4’10”(115 x 152 cm). It has a tomato red prayer niche on an ... read more
Japan, Imari plate, diam cm 17 x 3 h. 1900 ca. Pattern with fish & plants. Good condition. Could the textile be ... read more
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Small Tekke Wedding Rug, 120x117cm, beginning of 20th century. Cat not included.
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Shahsavan panel size 48x55cm
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Antique tribal Baluch prayer rug 129 x 73 cm (4ft 4" x 2ft 5") 19th century. All natural dyes. Condition: as shown, ... read more
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Six Gul Tekke Torba, a nice older honest earlier example with velvety pile, great wool quality, and color. Obvious condition issues. Recently ... read more
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Antique Caucasian Shirvan Perepedil Size.137x96cm
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Early 19th Century Konya Ladik Rare Rug.It's in Really Good Condition.It Has Unusual Border.Size 110 x 153 Cm
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Anatolian Karapınar Prayer Carpet size.143x105cm
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West Anatolian Karakecili Carpet Fragment size.210x125cm
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Caucasian Borjalı Prayer Rug
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Yomut bag face 19. Century 117 cm x 78 cm
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# 1027 Luri-Bakhtiari Khorjin Front, 44/51 cm, Southwest Persia, 1st quarter 20th century, natural dyes, fine sumak, very good condition! For a ... read more
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Nice Yomoud Chuval, early twenty century . Good condition . Size 80/50 cm
Central-Asia Turkmen-Ersary Ethnic Tribal Silver Tassel Pendant with cornalian fine condition Circa-1900 Size : 17cm x 10.5cm - Weight : 97 gr ... read more
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Ref 1534 North West Persian rug with brilliant and unusual colour palette. Mid nineteenth century. 6'0 x 2'11 - 183 x 89. ... read more
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Senneh saddle cover,1850 circa no repairs,good condition-size 106x108
1870/80 Very Fine Tekke Size: 108x140cm Natural colors, top quality
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Tibet horse saddle blanket of the year 1880, all wool, welcome to consult!
Jaff Khurdish Saddle Bag (Heybe) Size 81x95 cm / 2'7''x 3'2''
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Antique Shirvan(?) panel. ~45cm x ~60cm. Slit weave with scattered brocading. All good colors and excellent condition. Strong graphic. ... read more
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19th Century Middle Amu Daria Ensi. Woven by one of the Uzbek or Turkmen groups living in the region. This 19th century ... read more
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"Look how many sheep, goats, chickens, etc…..I own" ..was saying the proud Bakhtiari herdsman while commissioning one more khorjin……. — Bakhtiari ... read more
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Persian Karadja, c. 1910. 5 x 6 ft (150 x 180 cm), fair condition.
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Great piece of a Turkmen tentband: approx. 8,3 m and 31 cm. Fantastic dyes! Lovely piece reasonably priced.
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Tulip Ladik Prayer Rug, 3. quarter of 19th century, 192x120cm. Condition as to be seen on the pictures.
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Old Baluch Carpet size.132x70cm
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Caucasian Lesghi Star w/ date, animals.....c.1900's....approx. 4' x 6'.....checks drawn on u.s. banks preferred (not a friend of Paypal)....please check my other ... read more
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