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Kurdish Jaf 1880 circa with beautiful natural colors and good condition. Size 110x80cm
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Lecture & reception: Saturday, April 28, 2019 Ucla Fowler Museum, Los Angeles: "Dressed With Distinction: Syrian Garments for Men and Women" ... read more
Masatsune Okimono Japanese Okimono Fighting Cockerels A dramatic pair of Japanese okimono fighting cockerels, using the shokado method: mixture of bronze, gold and ... read more
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Early Tekke Main Turkmen Carpet 6'1.5" x 7'6.5" with glossy wool, with pre-waterbug stars in the border, and layout, deeply saturated colors ... read more
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Stunning mid 19th century Ersari Turkoman on auction Ebay size 126 x 47 cm Fresh as found need a clean eBay https:// link
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An eighteenth century western Anatolia prayer rug, 42" x 66". a rare so called keyhole or re entry design. Original untouched condition.
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Hereke silk Özipek, with 30 others without reserve on Ebay: https:// link
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An authentic Caucasian village prayer rug with lovely color and very good age. This one's got some zest!! Please ask for more ... read more
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Shahsavan bag size 36x40cm
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An early so called Arab Baluch with snowflaky motifs with breath taking iridescent blue
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So called Arab Baluch with ‘Snowflake ‘ motifs
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Beshir prayer rug. 19th century. Rare multiple mihrabs. Natural colors. 110 x 62 Cm.
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a Kunduz area, North East Afghanistan, cute little rug made by a young girl to learn the art of weaving. Glossy wool, ... read more
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Moghan Shahsavan bag face, Mid 19th Century. Good natural colors. Great abstracted cloud band medallions in archaic form. 34 ... read more
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a very fine pushti or small rug from Malayer, Iran, with a high density knot count, soft shinny wool, all good colours,full ... read more
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An extremelly rare (and spooky!) Nagaland head hunters belt made with light weight wood, plant fibre and hair. The faces, each one ... read more
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very beautiful late 19th century big sized tibetan khaden with wonderful indigo back ground...
Antique Dagıstan Sırvan Prayer Rug
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Second 19th Century West Anatolian Mekri Rug Size.170x108 Cm
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Antique Uzbek Napramash ca 1900 Very good condition great wool and colours just a few knots of “hot “ red
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Satrangi-Shatranji (Seven-Colours),Jail Dhurrie(Cotton)Blue And Multi Colour Lahariya Weave Design Dhurrie with Star Design in the Border.From Bikaner, Rajasthan. India.C.1900.Its size is 132X205cm. ... read more
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Beautiful early 19th century Uzbek Sharisabz region Belt. Excellent natural colours and cross stitches. spectacular block print backing. The size is 95cm ... read more
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Transcaucasian circa 1850, conditions see the photos, Ref : Herrmann Volume x page 68. 220 x 153. Price upon request
Gashgai 220 x 140, no restore, missing both ends, attractive colors, good age. Price upon request
Size : 155x250(cm), Tajik kilim, Northern Afghanistan, circa 1900
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Berber kilim cod. 0282. Undyed wool. Algeria ?. First half 20th. century. Very good condition with just one small hole. Dimension cm. ... read more
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If you are looking for a colorful antique and absolutely gorgeous Shahsavan Killim, don't miss this great piece, size is 10'-9"x4'-6". all ... read more
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Top of the line Shahsavan bag with metal threaded, very rare piece.
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Great, antique Hamedan rug, awesome colors and very nice piece. Size 6'-3"x3'-7"
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a pair of wooden Burmese loom ornaments, each 25 x 8 x 3.5 cm; the bottom section housed a pulley or wheel; ... read more
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Tibetan lama hat, 38*23cm. Golden silk thread, dragon lucky clouds pattern. Dragon pattern by the highest rank of the great living ... read more
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Antique Caucasian Kilim Fragment. 2nd Half 19th Century. Soft dungaree handle. Early addition to top and bottom. 5 colors. Strong green. 3’10” ... read more
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Antique Uzbek Kilim Bagface. Rare size. Horsehair foundation. Rows of alternating colored chevrons and stepped diamonds. Truly tribal, original condition. 6 colors. ... read more
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Antique Azerbaycan Sumak Bagface
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Shasavan rug, 120 x 240 cm 4' x 8', very colorful, mid 19th, rare.
Antique Besarabian Kilim
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